Have you ever been to a party in Utah? Did someone try to sell you a product? Utah is home to so many direct sales and multilevel marketing companies that thrive on word-of-mouth, social networks and parties. Over the years Utah has become home to numerous Multi Level Marketing companies and one of the leading states in the US in this niche. Today, it’s an over 8.5$ billion-dollar revenue industry, just for Utah alone! These flourishing MLM companies based in Utah sell their products via individuals who further recruit more people. The income produced at each level is what creates a ‘multi-level’ sharing of profits. Multilevel Marketing has greatly expanded with the rise in people looking for work from home opportunities. MLM companies have extended their reach allowing people to make money from home, reducing hassle and maximizing profits.


The basic lifestyle and culture in Utah is one of the major factors for the success and rise of MLM companies. Most families, encourage women to stay at home and with these options women can make money from home and provide a second income, while keeping with the traditions. The work from home industry largely targets women and makes it lucrative for them. Another reason is the closeness within the community. The people in Utah have very wide and strong networks, thus expanding their direct sales reach. It is the significant impact of the LDS culture that has been tracked down as the root of this success.


The LDS community comprises of a large number of men and women, creating a strong social network for sharing. The fact that Utah has the highest number of stay at home mom’s can thus be directly related to the highest level of MLM success. Almost half the women, in their prime years are staying at home. Work from home opportunities are therefore a boon and these direct sales companies understand that workforce. Most women are a part of the direct sales industry to generate additional income or just to be a part of the working community. MLM and direct sales companies allow these women to follow traditions, stay at home and continue to be actively involved in bringing in income. Additionally, the traditional culture of missionaries going from door to door is a very prevalent culture that also supports and harbors the nature of MLM companies.

Now, with the coming in of social media marketing the industry has risen even more! Social media platforms allow people to connect with a larger audience and this maximizing their scope of work. The direct sales industry combined with social media marketing has spread it’s reach to a great extent. The MLM industry in Utah generates billions in annual revenue. The direct sales market in Utah is thus the second largest, with tourism being the first.


Knowing that a large group of women in Utah would be interested in work from home opportunities, these MLM companies have always taken a very ‘women empowering’ approach to bring in more and more workforce. Their hiring strategies are directly targeted at women and one has to agree that these have definitely hit the target. The Mormon community displays very specific gender roles and this has greatly benefited the MLM industry. Although a large share of women in other parts of the US have been talking about how the situation is ‘anti feminist’ and harbors ‘women inequality’, one cannot deny the fact that at the end of the day big profits are being made. Whether the money to individual women employees is big or small, the overall revenue being generated is very large.


A second income, or an additional income, is always welcome and especially so within a community like the Mormons where they pay some share of their earnings to the church and women don’t typically ‘go out’ and work. MLM and direct sales companies thus allow them to earn a little extra money to make life comfortable. Also today when everyone is present on social media platforms, making money from home using these platforms seems like an ‘easy and hassle free’ option to make a quick buck.


Every year a millionaire comes to news having risen from the MLM industry. Most of these MLM millionaires have one thing in common – persistence. Constantly making the rounds- physically, via calls or organizing parties, and connecting with multiple direct sales companies is the key to being the next millionaire. 

MLM companies have taken this general attitude and community principles in mind and worked it in their favor. While many people have been debating how this is not a favorable point of view, if you look at it from a business point of view it is a win-win situation. Both the community and the companies have been greatly and positively impacted. The revenue and profit statistics clearly show that the results are overall favorable. These and many more reasons have made Utah the world capital of MLM and direct sales companies.

In a nutshell, one cannot compare Utah to any other state when it comes to the MLM and direct sales industry. Every year the industry is surging as more and more companies make their way to Utah and even more workforce joins them. The great revenue being generated is proof that whatever the reason is and whether people like it or not; this has got to be one of the most profitable industries of future generations. Utah has always been known as one of the best ski resorts destination, but the way the world looks at Utah is slowly changing as it comes into the league of being one of the highest revenue generating states.


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03 Nov 2017

By Jennifer Catcher